How to Buy the Right Home Theater System

For an increasing large number of Australians, having the latest flat screen display doesn’t really cut it if the sound and overall ambience doesn’t do it justice. Many people are deciding to invest in home theater systems. Some are fairly technically minded and don’t mind doing the research, buying separate components and putting it all together themselves. Most however prefer a ‘one box’ solution and these can be every bit as good. It really depends what amount of time you wish to invest.

Choosing the best home theater system for . you.

Choosing a home theater system doesn’t have to be hard if you have a clear idea of ​​what result you want. Some factors might include

o Do you want to invest time in research and putting together components yourself, or do you prefer a ‘one box’ solution which you simply assemble and plug in?

o What is your budget?

o What are the constraints of the room you will be using? For example, how big is it? Some systems require a certain size room in order to give best results

o The last factor is one you need to at least do a little research on. Some screens require a certain viewing distance and the audio requires a certain special displacement for best results. If your room isn’t big enough, you won’t get optimal results. Choose a system that is compatible with the space you have available

Home Theater Systems in a Box have several things going for them;

o They are usually affordably priced, being anywhere from about $300 to $2000

o They are easy to assemble and use

o They look good

o Some are even color coded so hook up is fool proof

On the other side of the coin, they have limitations which include

o Far from optimal sound. A pre packaged home theater system doesn’t have the flexibility to change speakers around according to requirement, and generally the quality isn’t as good as stand alone speakers

o Limitations for add ons. You may find some systems don’t allow you to connect extra devices at a later stage because they simply do not have the sockets. In this sense they tend to be less flexible

If you are going to the bother of buying a home theater system you at least want it to sound like one, so the argument for investing a little extra time and money becomes stronger.

So what are the best home theater options?

Out of a box or separate components? It really depends on how far you want to take your search for the perfect home theatre. If you are certain you will not want to add on any extra devices and you are happy with fairly generic sound quality, an out of the box solution is affordable, looks good, and does the job. But if you want to keep your options open in terms of what else you may want to run through it, and sound quality is important to you, you may want to do additional research and buy separate components. At a later stage you can then modify your set up and change components as required. This is a more expensive option and will take a little more time, but you may be glad you considered it.

Nigel Price is from Australian Online retailer Big Brown Box which stocks a wide range of Home theater systems.

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